Pelagic fishfarming is an expanding industry where our experience with marine offshore units and process related systems as well as inshore fish farming, fodder production and handling are fully utilized towards providing optimal integrated fish farm operational control, monitoring and safety systems.

Our services and solutions are particularly well applied where marine and process systems merge and where overall operational control provide manpower and safety benefits. Combining the operational, control and safety aspects of both marine and process related systems offer significant operational advantages and attractive cost savings.
Pelagic Farming Systems
•   Integrated Control Room Solutions
•   Environmental Monitoring
•   CAM / CAP 24/7 Assisted Operations
•   Shore Operational Facilitation
•   CCTV Systems
•   Telecom and Satellite Linking
•   Remote Operations
•   Bulk Pellet Transport, Storage and Dosage
•   Automatic Fish Feeding Systems
•   Automatic Liquid Dosage Systems
•   Product Handling and Logistics (ERP)
•   Radio Remote Controls
•   Automatic Cleaning Systems
•   Waste Management Milling and Transport
Marine and Process Systems
•   Power Management System
•   Power Generation
•   Main + Aux. Generator Monitoring and Alarm
•   Wind/ Wave Power Generation
•   Bulk Energy Storage
•   Anchor Tension Monitoring and Control
•   Ballast Control
•   Stability and Anti Heeling Control
•   Crane Controls
•   Electrical Drives and Switchboards
•   Field Instrumentation and Actuation
•   Fire Detection and Alarm
•   PA/GA/Marine UHF/VHF
•   Radio Beacon and Obstruction Warning
Partners ICON has entered an agreement with Viewpoint Seafarm AS for provision of  control, electrical and instrumentation systems for their innovative offshore fishfarming concept. A fully integrated marine farming solution has been developed based upon a Siemens technology foundation.
• Integrated Farm and Marine Operations
• Automated Optimised Production
• Environmental Monitoring
• Lowered Complexity
• Minimum Personnel
• Safe Operation
As a Siemens accredited Solution Partner ICON enjoys numerous benefits in relation to product adaptation, technical developments, trends and inside know-how.
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