ICON engineers have been actively involved in offshore oil and gas exploration and production industries nationally and  internationally since the early 1980’s accumulating substantial system knowledge and experience from a variety of systems.

As a systems integrator and mechatronics contractor we have provided innovative solutions for a wide range of equipment as well as integrating individual equipment into unified systems monitored and controlled from a central location. The prime drivers for our engineering effort in product development and in customer specified projects is towards safer and more efficient solutions creating value for our clients and our selves.
Offshore Drilling
•   Top Drive, Draw Works and Racking Systems
•   LP Mud Mixing, Return and Reconditioning
•   HP Mud Pumping
•   Choke and Kill / Diverter Control Systems
•   Well control systems
•   BOP Controls (Topside and Subsea)
•   Active Heave Compensation Systems
•   Anchor Tensioning Systems
•   Integration towards CCR and platform systems
Coiled Tubing
•   Integrated Controls and Control Cabins
•   GUI/SCADA Systems
•   Data Logging
•   Injector/Reel Controls
•   HPU Controls
•   BOP Controls
•   Safety Systems
•   Fluid Control Systems
•   PA/GA/Telecom
•   Integrated Controls and Control Cabins
•   GUI/SCADA Systems
•   Data Logging
•   Integrated Controls and Control Cabins
•   GUI/SCADA Systems
•   Data Logging
•   Safety Systems
•   Rack and Pinion Drilling Rigs E/I/Controls
Cementing, Fracking, Mud Mix, Reconditioning, Bulk
•   System design and control incl. process
•   Electrical and control (hyd/pneum) design and outfitting
Cutting Handling and Re-Injection
•   Transportation, Milling and Re-Injection
General Topside
•   Remote Control
•   ESD/PSD/Safety Systems
•   Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Systems
•   Offshore to Onshore Data Linking
•   Liquid Additive Systems'
•   Chemical Injection Systems
•   Ex Certification
•   SIL Certification
•   CE Conformity
•   Regulatory Conformity
Extensive experience working with all relevant regulations and codes have conditioned our engineers to pursue optimal solutions keeping cost and complexity on an as-needed level.
• Coiled Tubing and Wire Line
• Drilling and Process
• Safety Critical Applications
• Extreme and Hazardous Environments
• EPCIC Turn Key Deliveries

Design of systems for a specific code or for a multitude of codes is common practice for our engineers. Ex classifications may also if needed be made to accommodate all relevant requiremens as per. IECEx.
ICON provides designs to, and offers design advice for CE regulative compliance of all types of driling machinery and systems.
connecting mind and machine