Marine Systems
•   Bridge Control Systems (E0)
•   Cargo Control and Monitoring
•   Ballast Control and Monitoring
•   Automatic Anti-Heeling
•   Main + Aux. Engine Monitoring and Alarm (E0)
•   Power Management
•   Anchor Handling and Management
•   Volatile Organic Component Control
•   Fire Detection and Alarm
•   Gas Detection and Alarm
•   PA/GA
•   ESD/ PSD
Marine control systems as other control systems and solutions we provide, are subject to strict international regulation and an absolute demand for safe and predictable performance. Our engineers maintain exact knowledge of the various regulations in force as well as applicable coastal state regulations. Combined with operational experience we are able to bring forward safe, comprehensive and efficient systems.

Our services and solutions are particularly well applied where maritime and drilling regulations co-exist such as on MODU's or ship shaped drilling vessels. Combining marine, process and safety systems provides significant operational advantages.
Process Systems on Ship Shaped Vessels
•   Drilling
•   Coiled Tubing
•   Wire Line
•   Pumping
•   Mud/ Fluid/ Bulk Handling
•   Riserless Mud Return
•   Well Control
•   ROV Support
•   Deck Skidding
•   Tower Handling Equipment
•   Deployment / ROV Handling Equipment
• Marine Controls
• Drilling and Process Controls
• Unified Safety Design
• Reduced Complexity
• Full IMO Compliance
Third Part Verification and Classification

ICON carries out projects in close cooperation with IVB's such as DNV-GL and ABS as per class requirements leading to full third part verification, certification and documentation.
Combining relevant requirements of MODU and ABS, DNV-GL, API requirements for drilling vessels into overall designs provide better over all solutions.
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